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Taglist plugin features

The taglist plugin provides the following features:
  • Displays the tags (functions, classes, structures, variables, etc.) defined in a file in a vertically or horizontally split Vim window.
  • In GUI Vim, optionally displays the tags in the Tags drop-down menu and in the popup menu.
  • Automatically updates the taglist window as you switch between files/buffers. As you open new files, the tags defined in the new files are added to the existing file list and the tags defined in all the files are displayed grouped by the filename.
  • When a tag name is selected from the taglist window, positions the cursor at the definition of the tag in the source file.
  • Automatically highlights the current tag name.
  • Groups the tags by their type and displays them in a foldable tree.
  • Can display the prototype and scope of a tag.
  • Can optionally display the tag prototype instead of the tag name in the taglist window.
  • The tag list can be sorted either by name or by chronological order.
  • Supports the following language files:
    • Assembly, ASP, Awk, Beta, C, C++, C#, Cobol, Eiffel, Erlang, Fortran, HTML, Java, Javascript, Lisp, Lua, Make, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, Rexx, Ruby, Scheme, Shell, Slang, SML, Sql, TCL, Verilog, Vim and Yacc.
  • Can be easily extended to support new languages. Support for existing languages can be modified easily.
  • Provides functions to display the current tag name in the Vim status line or the window title bar.
  • The list of tags and files in the taglist can be saved and restored across Vim sessions.
  • Provides commands to get the name and prototype of the current tag.
  • Runs in both console/terminal and GUI versions of Vim.
  • Works with the winmanager plugin. Using the winmanager plugin, you can use Vim plugins like the file explorer, buffer explorer and the taglist plugin at the same time like an IDE.
  • Can be used in both Unix and MS-Windows systems.

Page last modified on 28th November 2006
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