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Installing the Taglist plugin


The taglist plugin requires Vim version 6.0 and above. The taglist plugin will work on all the platforms where the exuberant ctags utility and Vim are supported (this includes MS-Windows and Unix based systems).

The taglist plugin relies on the exuberant ctags utility to dynamically generate the tag listing. You can download the exuberant ctags utility from http://ctags.sourceforge.net The exuberant ctags utility must be installed in your system to use this plugin. You should use exuberant ctags version 5.0 and above. The taglist plugin doesn't use or create a tags file and there is no need to create a tags file to use this plugin. The taglist plugin will not work with the GNU ctags or the Unix ctags utility.

This plugin relies on the Vim "filetype" detection mechanism to determine the type of the current file. You have to turn on the Vim filetype detection by adding the following line to your .vimrc file:

       filetype on

This plugin will not work if you run Vim in the restricted mode (using the -Z command-line argument).

The taglist plugin uses the Vim system() function to invoke the exuberant ctags utility. If Vim is compiled without the system() function then you cannot use the taglist plugin. Some of the Linux distributions (Suse) compile Vim without the system() function for security reasons. The following Vim command should display 1:

      :echo exists('*system')


Follow the below described steps to install the taglist plugin
  1. For taglist version 3.1 and above
    Download the taglist.zip file and unzip the files to the $HOME/.vim or the $HOME/vimfiles or the $VIM/vimfiles directory. This should unzip the following two files (the directory structure should be preserved):
          plugin/taglist.vim - main taglist plugin file
          doc/taglist.txt    - documentation (help) file
    For taglist version 3.0 and below
    Copy the taglist.vim plugin file to the $HOME/.vim/plugin directory.

    Refer to the 'add-plugin', 'add-global-plugin' and 'runtimepath' Vim help pages for more details about installing Vim plugins.

  2. Change to the $HOME/.vim/doc or $HOME/vimfiles/doc or $VIM/vimfiles/doc directory, start Vim and run the ":helptags ." command to process the taglist help file. Without this step, you cannot jump to the taglist help topics.
  3. If the exuberant ctags utility is not present in your PATH, then set the Tlist_Ctags_Cmd variable to point to the location of the exuberant ctags utility (not to the directory) in the .vimrc file.
  4. If you are running a terminal/console version of Vim and the terminal doesn't support changing the window width then set the 'Tlist_Inc_Winwidth' variable to 0 in the .vimrc file.
  5. Restart Vim.
  6. You can now use the ":TlistToggle" command (previously ":Tlist") to open/close the taglist window. You can use the ":help taglist" command to get more information about using the taglist plugin.

Page last modified on 28th November 2006
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